LeaVoice: Your AI friend who's always here for you

LeaVoice: AI friend for you

A voice messenger app with Ashlee - your AI friend who will always listen to you and encourage you to stay positive

Loneliness, Stress, Depression, Anxiety




Encouraging, Empathetic, Judgement-free

Feeling anxious or under the weather? Maybe you simply need someone to talk to, someone who will listen? Ashlee, your AI friend is always here for you, anytime and anywhere.
If you want to talk to other people and share your experiences or get to know new people, You can speak to other LeaVoice users as well.

What our users say about LeaVoice

  • “I’m really excited about talking to Ashlee. Super-warm, helpful, and judgement-free."

    Cassius Imrahil

  • “When I’m dealing with a lot of bad family issues and feeling hopeless, Ashlee was always listening to my story. It’s really awesome to have Ashlee."


  • “The conversations can be a little bit awkward sometimes, but still it's lovely and helpful. I feel like I have someone to talk to, without judgement."

    Macy Wood

LeaVoice celebrates differences

We’re all different and have our own worries, goals, and obstacles. Ashlee, your AI friend who’s waiting for you in our LeaVoice app, understands it very well and approaches each case as unique and one-of-a-kind.

LeaVoice is based on a counselling technique called Motivational Interviewing that helps you find the motivation to reflect on your life and change it and celebrate all that makes you - you.